My experience with Coach Pam as my peer coach was both positive and enlightening. She helped me to refocus my attention away from the areas where I was feeling relationally defeated and towards the areas where I have the greatest potential for positive relational change. Coach Pam has a gift for helping people feel valued and that they matter. I'm grateful for her presence in my life.

- S. Payton, Lead Coach

  Payton Place Coaching

I had the pleasure of working one on one with Pam in her Christian Coaching program. Pam is an amazing life coach who is genuinely vested in her client's positive health and well-being. She has a uniquely positive outlook on life and her energy is contagious. Working with Pam propelled me into thinking more deeply about my current situation and how I can improve it so that I feel like I am living with purpose, rather than just existing. Her hands on approach affords her clients the opportunity to dig deep within themselves rather than handing them the answers. I believe this makes for more powerful coaching as it lends to the client doing the work instead of the coach doing it for them. I would recommend Pam as a coach to anyone and everyone who is looking to do this kind of work. You will walk away feeling happy you did and will look forward to meeting with her again. Pam has what it takes to motivate people into improving their own life and well being.

- D. Palma

Having Pam as a life coach has been eye-opening, useful, inspirational, and powerful. Pam challenges me to think about my goals in measurable and specific ways, to think through obstacles and rewards, and to make plans that will really work with my hectic schedule. She has given me the tools to think through goal-setting on my own and to figure out what needs to change in order to make my goals attainable. She has also helped me to have a laser focus on what is really important, and to sift out the time-wasters in my life.

- J. McCarthy

Pam honestly helped me in ways I wasn’t expecting. She led me to a lot of great successes that I had inside of me all along. She brought out the positives in me when I get so unaccomplished. I was so hard on myself throughout this process, but Pam reminded me of all the great things I have overcome and achieved. As a 24 year old I’m in the awkward phase of adulthood/struggling college student. She asked me questions that got my head thinking in different directions and it was so helpful. I am so thankful that I got to spend 6 weeks talking to her. She helped me with my career goals, my passions, and my future.

- M. Smalley

Pam is wonderful. With her encouragement and insight, I've been able to find the deeper heart issue that was underlying my goal. Like a good friend, she was supportive and empathetic, but her training and wisdom were invaluable beyond just a listening ear. She is warm yet to the point; she would be an asset in anyone's corner.


- R. Lee